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The major modern & contemporary visual artists. Sculpture, painting, installation, print, performance, photography, collage and multimedia and digital artists. By technique, art style and art movement. Famous, established and emerging artists since 1900 are presented with their portrait, biography and/or portfolio, with links to webresources to find anything you want to know about them, with images of their work, comprehensive biographies and articles, and if it exists, the artist ‘s personal website. In short: This is a website for art lovers, art students, artists, art historians, collectors and museum curators. On Twitter. Facebook Recommendations
Search artist by alphabet, style, movement, technique, biennial, exhibition, art prize or use the artist and art search engine.  Artist in residence program in Portugal.
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The art history index of famous artists leads to imagery and indepth information such as biographies to over 22,000 artists. Over 200,000 images from museums are directly accessible via this wealth of art historical information database. Direct links to images in museum collections, links to indepth art news, general links as well as the best collection of search engine results have been compiled for over 22,000 artists. Simply select a letter from below to start your research. Select all artists with biographies, or select by century - (12th Century - 20th Century) or selec