How To Tie A Bow Tie Video and Photos

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How To Tie A Bow TieVideo and Photos

Knowing how to tie a bow tie is one skill a woman should know, so she can help her man when the need arises. GQ style correspondent Brett Fahlgren shows Howdini's Jennifer Morris how it's done.

How To Tie A Bow Tie
1. Drape the bow tie around your neck so that both ends are even.

2. Cross the right end over the left end and loop under to form a basic knot.

3. Pull the knot so that it is snug against your neck and rest the top end on your left shoulder.

4. Take the other end and fold it across the knot. You will see the familiar bow tie shape.

5. Take the top end (that is resting on your left shoulder) and pull it down in front so that it crosses the center of the bow shape.

6. Place your left finger on the front of the bow tie to hold it in place and reach behind with your right index finger to find the hole where the free end will thread through.

7. This part is key: Do not thread the tip of the free end through instead, with your left index finger, push the part that is closest to the center of the bow through the hole.

8. When it first comes through the back, it may feel like its going to fall apart, but dont worry. Pull enough through that it is even with the other side and adjust to make it as neat and flat as possible.

9. Almost there! Pull the bow down towards the front and tighten. Straighten and flatten as needed.

The key is to remember that its not supposed to look perfect; a hand-tied bow tie adds character and charm!

how to tie a bow tie
how to tie bow tie
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While this tie knot can be worn by anyone, it looks especially well on men with shorter necks as the knot's rather narrow and elongated form stretches the perceived height of the neck a tiny bit.

To tie the Four in Hand Knot, select a necktie of your choice and stand in front of a mirror. Then simply follow the steps below:

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