Bloody clashes in Cairo ,Demonstrations in Egypt

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Bloody clashes in Cairo

Egyptian soldiers have been firing in the air as clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mubarak fight running battles.

Thousands of anti-regime protesters stood their ground on Thursday as main opposition groups spurned talks with the government after Egypt's revolt turned into a deadly battle for a central Cairo square.

On the 10th day of a popular uprising, the opposition National Coalition for Change rejected any talks with Mr Mubarak's regime before the veteran leader goes, according to a spokesman.

State television said earlier that Vice President Omar Suleiman had opened a dialogue with "political parties and national forces," although he himself has ruled out talks with the opposition until all protesters go home.

But coalition spokesman Mohammed Abul Ghar said: "Our decision is clear: no negotiations with the government before Mubarak goes. After that, we're ready for dialogue with Suleiman."

The coalition includes leading dissident Nobel peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, members of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, the Kefaya movement and other political parties.