Day Of Departure, Feb. 4, 2011: Crowd To Call For Mubarak To Leave ,Demonstrations in Egypt

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Day Of Departure, Feb. 4, 2011: Crowd To Call For Mubarak To Leave
Just one week after protests began in Egypt last Friday, scores of Egyptians plan to follow through with a "Day of Departure" on Friday, Feb. 4, 2011, Al Jazeera reported Thursday night.

Opposition parties called for Feb. 4 to be a "Day of Departure" earlier this week, AllVoices reports. The plan: to come together in massive numbers and in one voice demand President Hosni Mubarak to step down once and for all.

The plan was originally to go to the presidential palace, approximately 10-15 kilometers away from Tahrir Square, but whether protesters follow through with that is uncertain, according to an Al Jazeera analyst.

He said the goal behind the day is clear though: "The idea is to send a message, and have the largest amount of people participate."

The demonstrations are set to begin in Tahrir Square around Noon local time at the conclusion of morning prayers. The New York Times reports that live video feeds were cut off in the square Thursday evening and numerous journalists have been attacked and detained, so it's not clear how well the media will be able to report Friday's happenings.

Coinciding with "Day of Departure" events in Egypt, a demonstration is planned for Feb. 4 in New York City's Times Square, beginning at 3:30 p.m. local time. Meanwhile, a "Day of Rage" is planned in Syria for Feb. 4, with major protests in the capital city of Damascus.