How to Go Green: Wardrobe Fashion & Beauty

How to Go Green: Wardrobe 
How we dress is often the first measure of how we think and live. So, wear your green heart on your sleeve because toxins and pollution are never in style. To dress you up in green love, we tried on Planet Green's "How to Go Green: Wardrobe."

Top Tips for Greening Your Wardrobe

Life Expectancy: Treat your clothing with some TLC. The better you care for your wardrobe, the longer it will last. And that's a very good thing. Learn how to do basic sewing repairs and replace buttons. Find a local tailor. Extend the life expectancy of your attire and when all else fails, donate or swap or re-purpose.

Say No to Perc: Dry cleaning your clothes is a "luxury" the earth cannot afford. Perchloroethylene or perc is the dominant chemical solvent used in dry cleaning and is also a toxic chemical with both human health and environmental concerns. Try not to buy clothes that require dry cleaning.

Multi-Use Rules: How many coats does one person truly need? Are 20 pairs of shoes really necessary? When choosing your attire, think: multi-use. With a billion humans living on the equivalent of one US dollar a day, do your part by not over-consuming.

Did You Know?

    * The average American throws out 68 pounds of clothes and textiles each year

    * 1/3 lb. of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) is used to grow enough cotton for just a single T-shirt

    * 47% of chemicals used to grow cotton are considered "possible", "likely", "probable", or "known" human carcinogens

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