5 Ways to Make Your Clothing Swap RockFashion & Beauty

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    5 Ways to Make Your Clothing Swap Rock

    Put a twist on the traditional swap with these great themes.


It's spring, and that means it's time to break out the warm weather wardrobe. We all seem to find a few pieces in our wardrobe that just aren't cutting it anymore, so now is the perfect time to host a clothing swap with friends.

A clothing swap is a great way to give good clothes a new lease on life, even if that life is no longer with you. But if you're looking for something a little more than the typical girls-night-in clothing swap, here are 5 great themes that can make your fashion swap fantastic.

Tea Time
Remember when you were a kid and you dressed up and had tea parties? Well it's time to bring that sentiment back! Get together with the girls, swap clothes, and then immediately dress up in your new duds for a fashionable tea party complete with organic teas and treats.

Make it a Charity Event
Instead of just swapping clothes, think of ways you can help out a favorite charitable organization. If you'd like to support a clothing drive, have everyone bring one bag of items for the swap and another for the charity. Or if you want to raise money for your charity, you could ask swappers for a pay-what-you-can donation.

Secret Swap
This twist on Secret Santa is simple, fun, and personal. Before the party, have each of the guests draw names. The name a guest draws is the name of the person they must create an outfit for. If your guests are crafty, you can even include measurements to allow them to tailor clothes. The day of the party, each Secret Swapper will bestow the gift of an outfit on another swapper.

A Twist on a Swap
How much did you love playing Twister as a kid? Indulge in a little nostalgia by using the spinner to determine who gets to choose which items at your clothing swap. Create zones for different items--for example, blue for accessories, yellow for dresses, red for tops, and green for bottoms. Then give each guest a chance to spin for their choice of items, repeating until all items have been claimed. And you could also play a game or two of Twister while you're at it . . . just for old times sake.

Poker Swap
Like to play a little Teas Hold 'Em with the girls? Maybe it's time to play for clothes instead of cash. Picture it: I'll see your studded bracelet and raise you a concert tee. At the end of the night, someone could stand to win a whole new wardrobe.

If none of these options are for you, get creative and come up with your own way to make your clothing swap fresh and fun.