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How to Go Green: Fashion Accessories
The world of fashion is often where the most stark and transparent flaunting of anti-green ethos is displayed. For example: fur, excess, conflict diamonds, excess, and more excess. Oddly, it's one of the easiest venues in which to go simple, go green, and go trendy. To spice up your eco-vibe, we got busy at Planet Green's "How to Go Green: Fashion Accessories."

Top Tips for Greening Your Fashion Accessories

Re-Define Hip: Even the fashion-impaired can find a cool look without visiting a chic shop or repulsive mall. First stop: You own closet. You're bound to be shocked at how much you own but rarely—if ever—wear. Beyond that, become a regular at garage sales, used shops, vintage stores and your friends' closets. If you do buy new, look for the Fair Trade label.

Avoid the Hidden Ingredients: We're talking about oppression, human rights violations, discrimination, and much more. Without putting in the effort to learn more about your purchases, it's likely you could end up displaying a conflict diamond or dirty gold or clothes manufactured by sweatshop or slave labor. Justice never goes out of fashion.

Love Your Accessories: Take care of what you've got. Teach yourself some basic DIY repair skills to help make those accessories last and endure well beyond the lifespan of enforced trends. When you've finally decided you've had enough of something, give it away, sell it in a yard sale, re-purpose it, or simply put it aside to be rediscovered at a later date.

Did You Know?

    * The market value of rough diamonds produced in 2001 was $7.9 billion. These were then converted into jewelry worth $54.1 billion

    * 80% of gold minded each year goes into jewelry, out of 2500 tons

    * The number of handbags the average woman in the U.S. owns: 6

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