12 Questions for Camille Grammer, Rookie Oscar Reporter


Camille Grammer prepping her big CNN debut earlier this week. (Donato Sardella/Wire Image)

Camille Grammer prepping her big CNN debut earlier this week. (Donato Sardella/Wire Image)

12 Questions for Camille Grammer, Rookie Oscar Reporter

When it comes to the Oscar pre-show, there are three kinds of hosts: the fashion expert, the network hired gun, and the wild card. This Sunday, Camille Grammer is behind door number three, hosting CNN's Oscar pre-show live from the red carpet. Fresh off her stint as a cast-member on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Grammer's never played reporter before, but she's already generating more buzz than every other pre-show host combined. Her experience comes from walking the red carpet with her ex-husband Kelsey (That's Kelsey Grammer, the "Frasier" star). But she was hired, less than two weeks ago, for her own celebrity credentials. Painted as both villain and victim on the reality series, Grammer's rocky relationship with her cast-mates and her then-husband became public domain and in turn made her a tabloid star. And the drama continues to unfold: only two days before Camille's big Oscar gig, Kelsey re-married in a very public wedding ceremony. As dark as her drama has gotten, it makes interviewing celebrities on live TV seem like a cakewalk.   

How did you prepare for your CNN debut? I've been watching all the screeners of the films and catching up on Oscar fashions from the past several years. It's a good diversion for me. It’s a good diversion. We did an oscar pre-interview. 

Does this mean you're embarking on a career in journalism?
No. This just came to me —my publicist came up with it. I said I'm not qualified and he said 'come on, Camille, you’re good off the cuff.' Am I trying to pursue anything? No, just riding the wave.

Any favorite films?
"The King's Speech" really deserves to win. But "Black Swan" was great to watch because I was a professional dancer—not a prima ballerina, but still I know what it feels like when that kind of pressure is on. I relate to what it feels like when there's all that pressure to strive for perfection.

Who gets your Oscar for Best Dressed in the history of the awards show?
I've loved the way Halle Berry dressed in years past and Nicole Kidman, is a given. Anne Hathaway—lately, I love her style. It's classic grace and elegance. I always enjoy watching Helena Bonham Carter, she always comes up with something unique because she really enjoys dressing.

What's your gown like? 
I'm wearing Oday Shakar. He's a friend of a friend. I'm so lucky because I had a stomach flu for a few days and he came right to my house so I could try on his gowns and choose one. He designed Sandra Bullock's dress for an awards show last year. 

Let's talk heels. Are you comfortable standing in stilettos for hours, because that seems to be a prerequisite for pre-show hosting? 
I used to be a dancer on a show called Club MTV, where we trained to dance for hours in high heels so I'm used to it. So on Sunday I'm wearing Christian Louboutins. But the producers also to me to bring a pair of Ugg boots too. So I'm sure I'll be interviewing people in my gown and my Uggs.

Have you been to the Oscars?
I never went. We were invited but Kelsey never wanted to go because he wasn't nominated, so that was sad. We went to the Emmy's and the other awards shows though.
The red one-shoulder gown you wore to the Tony Awards is unforgettable. Do you still have it?
No. It was a loaner— but I love the way a gown like that feels.

So you're pro-gown when it comes to the Oscars? 
I think you want to feel confident in what you’re wearing that night. Plain and simple is great but not for the Oscars. With all the photographers and press, you want to walk down that red carpet and exude confidence and a big, formal gown helps you do that.  

What's a big red carpet don't? 
Going for something too edgy or avant-gard because you're trying to get attention. It’s great to be chic and edgy but not when it fits your body all wrong. 

What was your biggest fashion regret?
I don’t have any fashion regrets on "Housewives", but I remember these was one dress I wore to an event that I was photographed in that showed way too much cleavage. It was a Zac Posen and I just wanted to wear it because it was by him, but when I saw photos of myself in it I was showing off way too much.

"Housewives" style question: who chooses your dress for the main credits? That seems like a major decision. 
The producers send a stylist to your house to go through your closet and pick three dresses you own to bring to the shoot. So really it's your wardrobe, they just select it so you're all wearing different colors.  I brought all three dresses and then the director and producer had the final say on the black lace dress I wore. I picked out all the other clothes I wore on the show. I didn't have a stylist or anything. It's a reality show, so what I wore was what I wear.

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