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Worst Cooks Finale: He Said, She Said

Chefs (and Boot Camp Sergeants) Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine let us in on their candid conversation about the two Worst Cooks finalists, Joshie and Georg.

Anne on Joshie: If you had asked me at the beginning if Joshie was going to win, I would have said no way. But at the same time, I had a little glimmer that this was going to be my Rachel Coleman [last season’s winner]. You know, I really did. I said it on the first day, Robert, when you put him on my team.

He got it together after a while of me being like “Dude, take this seriously.” He came in to do his flambé or something and he’s like “I’m not going to that…” and I’m like “You’re what?” And he’s like “I mean, I AM going to do that.” His girlfriend was like “Wow, how did you get him to do that?” I whipped him into shape. I put the fear of Chef Anne into him. He grew not to irritate me.

I wouldn’t say that Joshie and I are going out to drinks anytime soon, but at the beginning I thought I was going to kill him. He kind of grew on me like a wart. He was not the crowd favorite, the team favorite, or my favorite. That he could transform himself and buckle down and take it seriously, I have to applaud him for that. I think he really wanted it; his eyes were opened up to so many different things. On the first day, when he was making his mess of a dish and brought it up to us, he said “I feel bad because my station was so messy and someone had to come behind me and clean it up.” I thought, that right there is the door opening. That right there, that is my Rachel Coleman. I can probably do something with this kid if he can get out of his own way.

Robert on Georg: If Joshie had been with me, he would have been gone like that. He’s childish. He comes to me, he’s done. About halfway through, I thought it could be Georg, and then Kelsey came over; for a while I also thought it could be Anna. It was up in the air.

Georg really wanted it. She tried harder; she tried longer; she worked faster. She had a lot of issues; she was afraid of the knife and all these things. But you could see that she wanted it and every challenge she did, she got better. I never believed this but when Anne told me, when I first found out I was going to do this, she said you will get so attached to these people. I was so attached to Georg at the end; it was like having a child. You want them to do so well, and when they do something stupid you just want to go up to them and (smack). She kept doing the same things and the same things and the same things, and the last day I just told her, you can’t be doing them things anymore. It’s not me and you anymore; it’s you and Joshie.

I was so proud of her, and I still am so proud of her. She did an amazing job. She was pissed at the end. There was an issue with the tempura on the banana. It’s tempura; chefs can’t even make tempura. We didn’t use packets or boxes, and it didn’t work. Her lamb was cooked perfectly; her vegetable knife cuts were amazing; she did an amazing job. Food is like wine; it’s up to interpretation. I think Joshie did a great job. It is what it is. I’m very proud of all of them actually.

Anne: She did do an amazing job. I really liked Georg a lot. I just felt bad that she was on the wrong team; if she was on my team she would have won! She’s just someone who would commit to something. You could just tell that about her personality.

Robert: Georg definitely will keep cooking. That was a huge sticking point in her relationship, not just with the child but with Teresa. I think definitely she would have gone home and continued to cook. That’s just the type of person that she is.

Anne: Joshie always did cook. He just had so many weird rules in the kitchen, like no fruit in salad, etc. One by one we took each one of those and busted down every one. I bet he still cooks but I wonder what weirdo rules he’s gone back to because I’m certain he’s reverted to a number of them.

Robert: Anne, I don’t want to make your head big because I’ve told you this before, but you are such a great teacher. I don’t normally do this kind of thing. I get in the kitchen [on Dinner: Impossible andRestaurant: Impossible] and we do our thing. I learned a lot from doing this and teaching people. I told Anne every day when we shot this show; she is so good at dragging that stuff out of people. It’s amazing to watch. Everybody won because they learned something.

Anne: We told them from the beginning: This will change your life. It will have a forever effect on you. It’s totally overcoming personal struggles.