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Gold Prices & Spot Metal Prices Information.

Gold Prices & Spot Metal Prices Information.

Below you will find some of the gold prices and spot metal price sites that are popular on the internet.  Gold and Silver have both seen a very active year with Gold and Silver prices hitting records and then pulling back.  Many people are now interested in where and how to buy both Gold and Silver bullion and coins.   There are many different ways to buy gold, from gold stocks, gold as a metal and even gold jewelry.  Some of the major gold sites are listed below and we personally like Kitco and Monex and we visit these sites often.  We do not endorse any website (other than ours).  The lists that we provide offer a selection of different sites where you may, or may not, find quality information that will help you with finding  gold prices, where to buy gold and silver and spot metal prices online.  We do not provide active hyper-links, only URLs.  The sites below are a result of an online search for GoldPrices.  Copy and paste any URL to see the actual website.

Kitco: 24-Hour Gold Spot Chart
24-hour live update of spot gold chart from New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Includes options for 30-day, 60-day, 6-month, and other time period graphs.

Commodities - CNN/Money

Lists recent, active, and future prices for commodities such as energy, metals, and livestock and meat.


Provides real-time gold and platinum news, prices, and charts. Also offers research from bullion banks.

Commodities - USA Today

Offering prices of gold, crude oil, natural gas, silver, and other commodities.

The Gold Institute: Historical Gold Prices 1833 to Present
Gives the average prices of gold throughout the years.

What Was the Price of Gold Then?

Offers a searchable interface to find the price of gold within a select series of time periods.

Gold Price

Provides commentary and current gold prices in ounces, grams, and kilograms in 18 national currencies.

Current Gold Prices - Gold Price Quotes - Price of Gold

Other markets may fluctuate immensely, but the price of gold always ensures a stable investment. ... midpoint between Monex' bid and asked prices per ounce. ...

Live Gold Prices & News
Offers live gold and silver prices.

Gold Prices

Swiss Gold Bars-Pamp Gold Bars. 2008 World Gold Coins. Live ... GOLD PRICES ARE ... orders over the internet due to volatile gold or platinum prices. ...

Spot gold price. Historical gold prices. Gold price history.

.trading day, we do business based on the latest Comex spot gold price. ... on the current prevailing gold spot price, which is from the Comex market during ...


. itself, gold prices are nonetheless legitimate news, since they are considered ... Like any other good, gold's price depends on supply and demand. ...

Gold Investment News | Gold Market News | Swiss America Trading Corporation

.gold investment news to help you stay informed on the latest news in the gold market. ... 4-30-08 -- Wednesday gold prices rose above $875/oz. ...