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Gold Mining to Save the Planet

Gold Mining to Save the Planet 
Firstly, did you even know that in the year 2011 there are still gold miners in the wild, wild west? I will tell you that I actually did, but only because I have a crazy friend who occasionally prospects for gold. Well, do you want to know what’s even cooler than a gold miner? A gold miner who’s working to help replenish the thousands of acres of trees that were deforested during the California Gold Rush of 1849. We like this woman, Jada Kelly, modern day eco-gold miner.

Explained Jada of her project, which hopes to plant a hundred million trees by 2020, "Historically, gold miners have been viewed as having a negative impact on their environment and I hope to change that perception, at least with regard to my own environmental footprint. I joined forces with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program which has planted 35 million trees to date, and has a goal to plant 100 million tress by 2020. I hope to be able to contribute one million trees toward their valiant effort.”


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Jada and her boyfriend actually own a gold claim in northern California that is a sixty million year old section of ancient gold-bearing Tertiary river. Until the late 1890s, it was an old hydraulic mining site, but then hydraulic mining was outlawed. The process of hydraulic mining, however, stripped the surrounding land of much of the plant life as it blasted the gold-bearing gravels away by spraying millions of gallons of water onto the hillside.


Jada is raising money for her effort with the sale of a lovely pendant called the “Mood Earth.” Each sale of a Mood Earth pendant supports the cause of American Forests and results in the planning of one tree. So you get great, unique jewelry that tells a story, and California gets a long overdue tree planting. You can get your pendant (and the tree planted) by visiting this website.