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Robbers kill housewife, flee with gold jewellery

Robbers kill housewife, flee with gold jewellery

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Robbers made off with gold jewellery weighing 300 grams after murdering an old woman and injuring her husband in their house during daytime on Saturday at the bustling Sainagar of Mansoorabad in L.B. Nagar.

Retired bank employee, Muralidhar, 62, and his wife, Suvarna Sudhamani, 54, were in their portion on the first floor of the house when the robbers knocked on the door around 4.30 p.m. Their son, Pavan, a software engineer, went out on some work.

The gang of four barged inside as the woman opened the door and bolted it from inside. They beat up the housewife as she resisted. Picking up towels from the house, the robbers tied down the woman and wrapped some around her face so that her screams could not be heard outside.

“The road in front of the house is always busy and at least around 50 persons were outside while the gang was attacking the couple. Even tenants on the ground-floor didn't hear anything,” the L.B. Nagar Inspector, Sreedhar Reddy, said.

Murlaidhar, who tried to rescue his wife, suffered a bleeding wound on his hand. After ransacking the house, the robbers collected gold ornaments and fled. Struggling for breath as the towels were wrapped tight around her face covering the nose and mouth, the housewife fell unconscious by then.

Conflicting versions

She was shifted to local corporate hospital but died before the treatment began. Locals said one of the robbers suffered injuries while fleeing from the first floor and was caught. The police, however, said all the robbers managed to escape but were hopeful of ‘catching them soon' having stumbled upon some clues.

They suspect the robbers are from the surrounding localities and targeted the house on learning the couple would be alone during daytime.