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Silver is the new gold but Argentium is new silver

Argentium silver and pearl design by Ronda Coryell.
Gold Argentium silver and pearl design by Ronda Coryell.

Argentium International chief executive Richard Leyens championed the benefits of germanium-infused Argentium silver to a captive audience at the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in Thailand this week.

Leyens put Argentium forward as a solution for retailers that are looking to establish a point of difference in silver as the metal rises in price; a chance to offer shoppers more for their money and avoid battling it out with other retailers purely on price.

Argentium is infused with germanium, which creates a whiter and more tarnish-resistant metal. The germanium is mixed through the silver alloy amalgam and is then coated on the surface of the jewellery.

Argentium International is pushing its unicorn symbol as a hallmark of quality and Leyens said that it has been well received. He said: "We are a lifestyle brand and our flying unicorn has become the endorser for several of our clients around the world that underscores trust and quality.”

Leyens told the audience that while some press, including Professional Jeweller, have reported on silver being heralded as the new gold, in his opinion "Argentium is the new silver".