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Massive Recession in Egyptian Gold Markets

Massive Recession in Egyptian Gold Markets
Cairo : Egypt | Feb 27, 2011
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after the start of the second week post ot the Egyptian revolution , the egyptian gold market is still suffering a massive recession that can be counted as one of the revolutions effects , the egyptians who kept for decades backing up their wealth for gold are now very cautious while dealing with the gold market.

the "Saghah" market , which is known for egyptians to be the greatest physical market for gold , containing the majority of the Egyptian Gold Traders main Branches and even the leading and the greatest egyptian gold manufacturing workshops is still under the guarding of people in fears of being attacked by gangs.

the instability in the egyptian markets are highly affecting the egyptian citizens nowdays growing their fears up and up making them in confusion of what decision should they take , in the same time , the market appears to be as of a mouthwatering for potential investors looking to grab opportunities for the least cost , which represent a very good chance for long-term investors.