Don’t trust travelers asking to buy your gold

Don’t trust travelers asking to buy your gold 
On Feb. 16 The Citizen published what initially appears to be a full page article (“paid advertisement” is in super tiny letters) with the heading;
 “Local residents in amazement yesterday as collectors provide a stimulus package to Auburn!”
After reading the article, I put together a variety of items to take to the “roadshow” thinking I was going to get some “fair and honest” appraisals. However, a few months ago Channel 9 News did an investigation of several gold buyers whose ads you see on TV claiming to pay the highest prices for your gold. Channel 9 sent people with scrap gold to several gold buyers in the Syracuse area to see what they offered, and then sent the same scrap gold to the companies advertising on TV. What they discovered was the TV buyers were offering to buy the items for hundreds of dollars less than local buyers.
With the Channel 9 investigation in mind, I took my 10K gold class ring to R. J. Jewelers, who are local buyers of scrap gold. They offered $125 for the ring. I then went to the Holiday Inn. When it was my turn to go into the “roadshow” the first thing I put on the table was my ring. The “appraiser” put my ring on a scale and offered me $20. I told her she must be mistaken because I had just been offered $125. I picked up the other items I had brought, told the “appraiser” this was a scam and left. As I walked out the door I told the other people still waiting what had happened. I hope they listened to my advice and left.
I went home and looked the company up on the Internet and was not surprised to see all kinds of complaints about the company whose full name is Ohio Valley Refinery Reclamation Drive. It turns out this scam is being perpetrated all over the country.
The following day I went to the Auburn Police Department  and The Citizen in an attempt to get someone to warn the citizens of Auburn about the scam. The police said there was nothing they could do. The Citizen didn’t put anything in the paper.
It’s a dirty rotten shame this type of scam can be run on unsuspecting citizens and it seems nothing can be done about it. To all those who read this please spread the word to friends and family. Never trust strangers that pass through your town offering promises of “fair and honest” anything. Chances are they’re liars and thieves out to enrich themselves at your expense.