Streets Of Gold blazes onto stage

Streets Of Gold blazes onto stage 
G-Day approaches and chaos reigns in Johannesburg… When the vault opens, where will you be? G-Day is coming and you must choose…
Blazing onto the Johannesburg stage in March is the ground breaking original rock musical, Streets of Gold – The Musical, presented by AngloGold Ashanti in association with the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City Casino, for 10 performances only from Thursday, 24 March to Sunday, 3 April 2011.
Streets of Gold tells a rousing story of the fight for freedom and love in a world choked by corruption and greed.
Beautiful brooding Cassandra (Samantha Peo) has fled her downtown lair and is on the run from an enraged Prefect Flora von Higgins (Fiona Ramsay), a powerful leader of the Global Union of Nations (GUN). Perched on the GUNS’s Most Wanted List, Cassandra swiped the precious gold bracelet-key from out under the Prefect’s nose after her very public and botched attempt to claim the world’s long lost gold.  To make matters worse, even if the pesky rebel can be tracked down and the key recovered, Flora has triggered the vault self-destruct countdown. Jabulani Bond (Tumisho Masha) will have to fetch the key and retrieve some of her wounded pride. While holding out hope that her mischievous daughter Lily (Carmen Pretorius) will defect from the Gold Liberation Front (GLF), Flora plots her next move with Defense Minister, Moro (Mark Richardson), a man with a salacious appetite for gold and the treacherous temptress Sheba (Amor Vittone). Cassandra escapes capture and reaches The Gold Liberation Front (GLF) leader Viddy Civille (Shaun V). Whether their meeting is destined to change their lives or the world will be known when the skillful Ngudu 9’s (Phumi MnCayi) rolls the dice.
In a first for a South African rock musical, eight of South Africa’s most revered triple threat talents will bring these exciting characters to life. This all-star cast was achieved through the gravity of the music, script and depth of the characters.
With its comic book and film noir inspiration, Streets of Gold is vibrant with design; from award winning gold jewellery and accessory design to haute couture costume, hair and make-up creations and fascinating animation. The show will include the AuDITIONS Urban Tribes gold jewellery collection and out-of-another-world costume design by fashion designer Suzaan Heyns.
Barbed satire written by Alan Swerdlow with music composed by Jon Savage and Jane Breetzke of Cassette, Streets of Gold has a completely unique local, multiverse identity.
The musical score is based in contemporary rock with varied influence from industrial, traditional and contemporary to kwaito, hip-hop and Latin. Arranged by musical director Brian Schimmel, the songs have each been developed with the characters or collective cast in mind and will be played live during the performances by a seven-piece band. Big rock guitar and Cassette’s signature keyboard sound threads through the music from beginning to end.
Still reeling from the recent global recession, Streets of Gold - The Musical will have audiences pondering, chuckling and cheering. As befits good musical theatre, this satire pokes fun at politicians and plays on the ever-present tension between political institutions and agents of change. Set in a parallel universe, this Johannesburg may look strange but when it comes to jockeying and politicking, the city at the heart of Streets of Gold is not so different from the Johannesburg that exists in our world.
Streets of Gold - The Musical offers a premium seat at the theatre, an haute couture fashion and jewellery show and a heart pounding rock concert seamlessly woven into a single delightful performance.
The musical runs from Thursday, 24 March until Sunday 3 April 2011 at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City Casino and bookings can be made through Computicket at 083 915 8000 or Computicket.  Ticket prices range from R125 - R175.
Samantha Peo (Cassandra)
Fiona Ramsay (Prefect Flora von Higgins)
Tumisho Masha (Jabulani Bond)
Amor Vittone (Sheba)
Mark Richardson (Moro)
Carmen Pretorius (Lily von Higgins)
Phumi MnCayi (Ngudu9)
Shaun V (Viddy Civille)
Mark Pool                                                 (Executive Producer, Marketing Manager AngloGold Ashanti)
Heidi Pretorius                                         (Creator, Producer)
Vicky Friedman                                        (Co-Producer, Director and Choreographer)
Jon Savage, Jane Breezke                     (Music Composition and Lyrics)
Bryan Schimmel                                      (Musical Director and Arranger)
Alan Swerdlow                                         (Scriptwriter)
Suzaan Heyns                                         (Costume Design and Styling)