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Franklin Mint Releases 2.2 Pound Solid Gold Taj Mahal Coin

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The Taj Mahal Coin Franklin Mint Releases 2.2 Pound Solid Gold Taj Mahal Coin

Franklin Mint, as the name suggests makes coins. But fortunately that is not the end of the story. Its Holiday Collection 2010 includes a Steuben pelican, Major League Baseball team Christmas tree ornaments (also Steuben) and a Michelle Obama doll along with lifelike Jackie Kennedy dolls. And you have to appreciate their doll making capabilities. Their Michelle Obama doll in a little black dress really resembles the first lady.

Franklin Mint’s latest release is the Taj Mahal Coin that was threatening to overshadow the rest of the news. It was released with much fanfare. Along with the other special items that the mint makes the Taj Mahal Coin was on display and installed behind velvet ropes, with stern-looking security guards on either side. Manufactured in France by the Monnaie de Paris, the coin is lovely, but at the size of a tea saucer it probably wouldn’t be convenient to carry in your pocket.

It is priced at €100,000, though it has a face value of €5,000 to qualify as legal tender. It is 2.2 pounds of gold and contains 60 handset diamonds. And above all the limited edition release has only 29 pieces made, which makes it a collector’s item one would like to have, whatever the cost.

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