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WIND Mobile picking up BlackBerry Curve 3G, it seems

  posted Oct 31st 2010 4:20PM

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With their limited footprints and subscriber counts -- and therefore, clout with manufacturers -- it stands to reason that Canada's nascent AWS operators would be keen to get in on as many phones designed for T-Mobile USA as they possibly can. Sure enough, fresh evidence on BGR points to a release of the AWS-capable BlackBerry Curve 3G on WIND Mobile at some point in the future, though we don't know exactly when -- and we're assuming that $9,999.00 listed price is a bit on the high side. There are two line items in this inventory system screenshot, and we wouldn't be surprised (as BGR suggests) if they're for different colors -- perhaps the violet and gray options on T-Mobile's shelves. We think we'd prefer a 9780, of course -- and considering that T-Mobile will be getting it next month, we wouldn't be surprised if WIND wasn't far