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Wayne Rooney feels it frosty in Dubai as Coleen the ice queen gives grovelling Manchester United striker the cold shoulder

Wayne Rooney feels it frosty in Dubai as Coleen the ice queen gives grovelling Manchester United striker the cold shoulder

He has spent a small fortune on the ultimate holiday. But it seems money really can’t buy happiness.

A sunburnt Wayne Rooney looked like he was struggling for the attentions of his wife Coleen yesterday.

Ice cool despite the Dubai sun, she was more interested in her reading matter than the Manchester United striker's antics in the pool at a £2,000-a-night hotel.

In the deep end: Coleen seems more interested in her reading material than chatting to her husband

‘They barely seemed to be speaking to each other,’ said one guest at the hotel, adding that when Mrs Rooney eventually made an effort to go to his side and cuddle him, ‘he didn’t seem to care’.

Britain’s highest-paid footballer put a hand behind his head and gazed up at the sky as his wife crept on to his sun lounger and snuggled against his shoulder.

The couple have plenty that they should be cheerful about, including his £200,000-a-week contract to stay at Old Trafford and their extraordinary seven-star Dubai luxury break.

Earlier yesterday, they had sat in stony silence while grim-faced Rooney, 25, sipped at a £15 non-alcoholic cocktail

Looking good: Coleen shows off her incredible bikini body as she returns from a refreshing dip in the pool

The couple barely acknowledged each other after a furious row, just days into their week-long break in the Middle East.

They flew to Dubai last weekend to celebrate Rooney’s birthday and his lucrative new contract to stay on at Old Trafford.

But tensions over Rooney’s alleged infidelities surfaced during a meal out together, when diners at a steak restaurant watched as the pair argued furiously. A glass was accidentally knocked over and smashed as they bickered.

Their marriage was engulfed in turmoil earlier this year following claims that the England international had cheated on his 24-year-old wife while she was pregnant with son Kai – by sleeping with two prostitutes at a Manchester hote

Feeling the heat: Wayne's shoulders bore the brunt of Dubai's scorching sun. Did Coleen refuse to suncream his back?

Mrs Rooney was said to be ‘devastated’ by the betrayal, but seemed determined to put the scandal behind her when the pair first arrived in Dubai last weekend.

They initially relaxed in the pool together, sipping pink champagne on a £17,000 mini-break, while back in the Britain the rest of the nation adjusts to life under Chancellor George Osborne’s package of austerity measures.

Signs of strain were clear to see yesterday as despondent Rooney sat alone, his head down and his legs wrapped in a hotel towel. He appeared pale and pasty, despite the 35C heat, while his wife topped up her golden tan.

Another drink? The couple didn't hesitate racking up a tab with beverages and snacks

His wife soaked up the sun in a black bikini, until eventually Rooney swam alongside her and stood chest-high in the water to break the uncomfortable silence.

The pair chatted briefly over cocktail menus before deciding on two sickly-sweet non-alcoholic pink concoctions.

Rooney is expected to be out of the Manchester United team for weeks with an ankle injury. While he relaxed beside the pool, his team played Wolverhampton Wanderers at Old Trafford.

But his injury has not stopped the money rolling in from his newly negotiated £200,000-a-week contract with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Rooney has insisted he never intended to quit the team, despite his stand-off with Sir Alex.

He told a fan at the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai: ‘I was never going to leave.’

Rooney had threatened to walk out of Manchester United but eventually changed his mind last week when the club offered him a new deal worth £10.4million a year.

Asked if his petulant behaviour during the contract negotiations had betrayed legions of loyal Manchester United fans, he turned his shoulder and walked away

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