Lesnar should go into his bag of tricks for UFC 121 entrance ,Brock Lesnar Dancing Mariachi

As UFC 121 approaches, we're still holding out hope that the old Brock Lesnar re-appears during his prefight media work. Lesnar has restrained himself from dropping much trash talk on Cain Velasquez or speaking about the UFC's effort to deliver "the first Mexican heavyweight champion in the history of fighting". It has to be eating away at a "red-blooded American" like Lesnar, right?

Last night, we got our first glimpse that Lesnar may still come out with some incendiary statements this week to stoke the prefight flame.

"Listen, when I get done whooping your ass, I'm gonna do drink a Corona and eat a burrito just for your Hispanic heritage," said Lesnar (video -1:15 mark) during Countdown to UFC 121. "How about that?"

There you go! We know Lesnar wants to be the heel. And now we're hearing rumors that he may go into his WWE vault for an entrance theme at UFC 121.

Brock Lesnar Dancing Mariachi