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Bueller? Displaced Rangers fan quits law job to watch World Series

Bueller? Displaced Rangers fan quits law job to watch World Series

By David Brown

Texas Rangers fan Boris Briskin makes movie legend Ferris Bueller look like a dithering amateur when it comes to doing one's own thing.

A native of Plano, Texas who presumably grew up watching the likes of Nolan Ryan, Ivan Rodriguez(notes) and Dean Palmer, Briskin moved away 10 years ago and went to college. He got a law degree and, later, a job clerking at a firm in Southern California.

Well, when the Rangers were on the verge of making the World Series and Briskin couldn't get vacation time to come back home and watch them clinch the AL pennant in person, he faced a dilemma.

So, naturally, he quit his job. Just like that. To watch the Rangers.

Talk about seizing the day! That's seizing a fortnight.

The FOX TV station in Dallas/Fort Worth did a short profile on Boris, who explained his reasoning. From My FOX 4:

"This is basically making my year right now," Briskin said. [...]

"It's the Rangers. I've loved the Rangers for so long. They haven't been to the playoffs since '99. They've gone through so much since then. I really couldn't miss this," he [added].

Some might find it short-sighted and immature to quit a job to watch baseball — especially in these times — but I'm with Boris. Fortunately, I don't have to quit my job to watch the World Series.

Granted, this isn't fooling your parents into thinking you're sick, playing hooky from school, going for a joyride in a sweet car and taking in a few innings of a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Briskin just can't drive home backward and take some miles off the odometer. He quit his job. His car might be in jeopardy of being repossessed.

If Briskin played by the rules, he'd be in gym in an office right now. Who wouldn't rather be at the ballgame? He's staying with friends. He apparently has enough money saved that he can afford to do this — careless though it might seem. This is spontaneity at its most American.

His favorite player is Michael Young(notes), by the way, the living symbol of long-suffering and patient Rangers fans. Other than seeing the Rangers throw a victory parade, Briskin would like to meet his favorite player as part of this adventure.

If Young (right) knew he had a fan who quit his job just for the Rangers, maybe the summit happens someday.

Briskin does expect to find work again after the Series ends. Hey, the ratio of unemployed lawyers to jobs is shrinking all of the time, right? No?

Anyway, the Stew contacted Briskin to elaborate; "Does he have tickets yet? Is he in San Francisco for Game 1? Has he shot his own 10-point buck?" But Briskin politely declined. He'll let the story as it is speak for itself.

Regardless, I think he's a righteous dude.