The 'five ugliest airports in the U.S.'

That's the headline from, which says it polled its readers to find the "ugliest airports in America."
Which airport fared the worst? writes "the 5,718 folks who responded selected LaGuardia Airport as the ugliest airport with 24% of the votes, while Kennedy International was second with 17.5%." Next on the list were St. Louis (16.5%), Philadelphia (16.4%) and Los Angeles (14%).
However,'s poll wasn't scientific (you can see the details here). In fact, readers' votes were limited to just one of six airports: Los Angeles, Miami, New York JFK (old terminals), New York LaGuardia and Philadelphia.
Additionally, notes it can be complex to judge an entire airport. Even at JFK, the publication notes that two of the airport's terminals (JetBlue's and American's) are considered to be among the nation's nicest.
With that background, I'd like to hear what our Today in the Sky readers have to say. Nominate your choice via the comments link.
In January, we'll pick out the airports that received the most mentions in the comments and conduct our own vote. If readers seem to like it, we'll follow with a "most-beautiful" airports query.