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best buy man look i worked at best buy for two years you know what i'm saying i worked there for two years slaving you know i'm saying shirt tucked in built on tight you know i'm starting to win through all types of socks balls sweaty my balls smell like cabbage after every shift if i gotta tell it then i gotta tell it oh damn my balls smell like hog moles i work the best but you can see here on my name tag you see the stars that's i was employed yet a month or something like that but best batman i started in 2017 man i knew a bunch of people there working i had like four friends working there already man it was a vibe you know i'm saying i came in oh selling all types back chrome books and laptops and macbooks and tvs all types of stuff i'm selling so i come in and survive i'm like dang this job easy i was coming from dicks dicks had me on ladders and all types of stuff i come to best buy it's a nice vibe man i get a pay raise it doubled my money damn near but i was coming in had to get my blue shirt get my name tag and all types of stuff man.

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i was on top of the world 2017 uh as you can see behind me this is my where i worked at this exact footage i snuck in there on some james bond type stuff and got some footage in my department i did work in computers you know i'm saying all types of computers if you want to watch something freaky you want to play fortnite business all types of computers we had and the worst thing about working at best buy is that everything is performance based so you got stacking damn like the nfl combine working there now i'm up here flipping all types of stuff we gotta get credit cards i'm running people's credit to free full time they ain't ever gonna have a a loan approved in a name i didn't convince people to spend 3 000 on an 82 inch with a tax return i've been messed up a lot of people's pocket i'm trying to impress them trying to hit a sales quote and that's the worst thing about the second worst thing is the customers now the customers come in i'm really looking for a laptop that can make me make my mixtape uh i want to start a business and i'll type i only want to spend 35 see that's pissing me off damn they come in there wanting everything for the leash damn and then the customers be knowing.

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what they'd be doing because i go up talk and check on the customer telling you find everything you need help they say no they just looking next we know the damn manager come up two minutes later and ask from the same time awesome oh actually i was looking at this like damn why you ain't sitting when i was just over here now he gonna want to talk because he think i ain't paying attention to you damn and i made you want to uppercut a customer damn and speaking of uppercutting uh our manager got knocked out about three times up there oh that's what i should knew that the environment was crooked now the manager got knocked out three times and nobody was charged he 0 and 3 and best buy now it's going to take him forever to qualify for a title match but yeah the general manager had the footage of the first knockout but he ain't trying to let nobody see it he put on a flash drive and i'm gonna try to hide the fight like it's a pay-per-view damn and then how i'm supposed to listen to the manager when he got knocked out three times now we need some self-defense training damn i wish a customer would swing on me i wouldn't hit eventually it's gonna be fun and danny we got the new oh new iphone a new tv game system next you know your hairline look at my [ __ ] look how man's looking it's something about best buy to make everybody hairline and stuff go back all my managers had a ball head and i ain't lying.

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they had the um y'all know the old man off tekken they had that hairline man look at my i got the cedric the entertainer line up yeah man what really had pissed me off and made me leave best buy was look two years in a row in a year i sold a million dollars worth of product in a year two years in a row one year it was a million like even the second year was 1.1 million damn i'm flipping millions yeah man i took home about 25 000 what type of [ __ ] this is finesse i'm robbed i'm selling y'all a million worthless i'm getting 25 000 and this this the cold part and i want to get my raise and um he says yeah you get this good uh you sold a million again uh but this is what we got to give you damn he gonna hand me the paperwork it had my raise amount it took me from 12.87 to 13.37 i sit down and i know the decimal amount because i was heartbroken but yeah that's probably only cool for the first year it was a vibe we had they were bringing in chick-fil-a we had parties people were dancing i had one [ __ ] doing the terry crews by over there by the um refrigerators and we were doing all types of stuff and then it started getting bad people started leaving because the way the the stores function the managers they start taking away bonuses and stuff like that and then we working on thanksgiving like how we gonna give thanks when we up here so then the customer come in i'm so sorry you had to be up here we up here because you want the 49 inch that's why we're here and then this stuff that y'all wouldn't even imagine happen.

  • so we have people that that work they represent another company and they come in make sure all the newest stuff out telling us like what the stuff do so it was just one dude he worked for a printer company he about 65. all right so i'm in there we we super cool friends i work at computers and he working printers so i always see him when he come in so he goes to the bathroom every time he come in he go to the bathroom so i'm like oh what do you what are you on why are you eating you ain't a whopper meat what so one day i'm in the bathroom already i'm doing when i got the toilet paper lined in the seat you know how i get i don't get filthy like y'all but i was in a toilet in here boom i'm on instagram or something.

  • dude went on the clock i hear all types of stuff in my walkie-talkie so he come in and i hear someone what is that and in the shadow in this you ain't gonna know because it the light casts to the shadow so i know exactly what he's doing he was over there whooping oh tell you what he was doing just know he was over there stroking something recorded on snapchat listen look what he is in here doing when i told the manager man where are you he's still in there oh yeah we gonna report that yeah yeah see the people in there whacking me that's the type stuff y'all don't know would be happening in these jobs.

  • y'all ain't know our manager got knocked out y'all ain't here about the dude that got tackled trying to steal a ps4 you ain't hear about um y'all ain't here about my manager clapping uh my co-workers cheeks oh i should have seen it dick but lord knows i had to yes it's like a movie in there damn this a tyler perry movie at best buy they is so cold bloody.

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