Bloons TD 6 Hack 2021

Bloons TD 6 Trainer Hack is for Bloons TD 6 a 2018 tower defense video game hack and the sixth game in the Bloons Tower Defense series developed by Wh0am1 and published by CheaterMAD. It was first released in June 2019 for iOS and Android. The game was ported to Microsoft Windows in December 2019 with a macOS conversion later releasing in March 2020. Free Bloons TD 6 Trainer Hack!


  • Install BepInEx IL2Cpp build #353 and run the game once. Then drop the trainer into the plugins folder.

  • A working install of BepInEx Preview v6 Build #353 for IL2CPP. (Get it from their Discord server under the Pins or in the latest Bleeding-Edge IL2Cpp build)

  • Place file within the ‘BepInExPlugins’ folder

Features Bloons TD 6 Trainer Hack – Bloons TD 6 Hack:

  • Reprint Hotkeys

  • Give 1M Monkey Money

  • Give 1M Trophies

  • Give 1M In-Game Cash

  • Give 1M In-Game Health/Hearts

  • Give 10K Knowledge Points

  • Level Up – Unlock All Upgrades

  • Unlock All Monkey’s / Hero’s

Another currency called “Monkey Knowledge Points” can be redeemed in an unlockable upgrades tree called “Monkey Knowledge”, which unlocks unique upgrades that can be freely used in most game modes. Special types of towers called “Heroes” automatically level up once placed, allowing them to become stronger as the game progresses, but the player may only place one chosen Hero per game!

Download Bloons TD 6 Mod – Prevent Balloons From Going Through The Map

To join the game you need to adhere to the most basic defense principle, your task is to prevent the bubbles from going all the way through the map. To do that will not be easy at all, first, the player needs to place the monkey towers in the appropriate positions for them to throw Boomerangs. In addition, in Hack Bloons TD 6 monkeys can also throw bananas, use cannons to shoot, or throw darts to explode all the bubbles that are on the way. To win the player must come up with a reasonable strategy to place the monkeys in the most important positions, then upgrade them to increase their fighting ability stronger.

Monkey tower upgrade

To increase the effectiveness of defense from the bubbles moving through this map, Bloons TD 6 Mod provides players with 21 different monkey towers to use. Please note that the more bubbles you burst, the more gold coins you have, which is used to upgrade the monkey towers. Each monkey tower you can upgrade to 3 levels to increase strength and fighting ability, but to level 3, players need to have enough experience to unlock the final level. So the longer you need to use the monkey tower, the more experience points will be enough to upgrade.

Many interesting maps bản

Bloons TD 6 Mod owns more than 49 different maps, bringing players to interesting challenges along with each map will be different difficulties that you need to achieve to be able to complete. For example, there are maps that require you to only use 1 type of monkey tower and shoot all the bubbles that appear on the map or use the monkeys required by the system. After completing the player will receive valuable rewards corresponding to each task and achievement he has achieved. However, you should note that the bubbles of different colors will have to burst differently, which the first ball will be much more difficult for you to burst. Colorful balls will bring unpleasant surprises to you, which you need to upgrade to burst them.

Graphics and Sound

The game is designed in a synthetic style to give players classic to modern images, more specifically, the monkey towers are designed in 3D and the rest of the other details are designed in classic 2D. . Bloons TD 6 Mod gives players a top-down perspective, giving you a large overall view along with the movement of monkeys and flexible, smooth moving bubbles. Combined with the sound quality with soothing music to the dramatic scenes, the sound changes flexibly, which gives players a sense of excitement when participating.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Bloons TD 6 players will have an interesting experience with the feature of unlimited money and unlocking them all. You can then freely buy monkey towers and upgrade them, unlocking them to the last level, making it easier than ever to burst bubbles. Download Bloons TD 6 Mod to accompany the monkeys to stop the bubbles from moving across the map and relax with exciting entertainment moments.