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we're going to look at how you can earn money in SimCity build-it now for my regular subscribers this probably the first time you see me make a video about games I do occasionally play some games including SimCity build-it so I figured I'd make a quick video because I've just recently started playing this and I think I've come up with an OK method of earning some money I don't always think so long to connect it'll usually take that long now now one of the first things you'll realize when you start playing this game is that the sims are really really whiny they're always complaining about something like right now most of my sims are complaining about having no clinics they want health care the thing is they're just being Blasi because I do have clinics but they just don't want to walk like you know I've got one here but these guys are too lazy to walk there and they want me to keep upgrading these roads but they're not willing just a driver sure way to go to the clinic so anyway this is about earning money or as it's called in the game samolians volumes so I think I've come up with OK method and it's basically using factories making stuff then selling it so you might be thinking yeah that's obvious but there is some method to this because you could just build this toilet paper or textiles or you could build this sugar and spices.

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the thing is this will take 4 hours to build and yes it will sell for a lot but it doesn't work out the best dollar for time the best money per time ratio is actually the lowest value item which is this metal which you can make in just one minute but the problem is if you make too much metal you won't be able to sell it fast enough because when you go to the market and try and sell it you're saturating the market and you won't be able to sell it anymore so what I found the best one is actually the wood it's extremely nice to make and then you can sell it for 20 per piece so what we're going to do is go for and make a ton of wood in all my factories now one of that would is being produced we don't just sit there doing nothing we go to the global trade headquarter and we go begging basically again I don't know why it's kind of slow but here you go so we just go to the first city that comes up and we close his trade depo because we're not interested in what he has we just want to beg so you look around the city and there you go we've got something click it and we got two of these I don't know toothpaste.

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ah look we've got lucky again we got some pills let's go to another place a lot of time you don't get this lucky you normally have to visit like three or four cities before they give you something let's look around now again some I don't know some marijuana plant or something let's go to the next city come on so basically what we're doing is killing time while we wait three minutes for our wood finish making now I notice that this is going to be easy because this is really tedious you have to do this over and over and over again all through you know as much money as you want to make so if you want to make a lot of money you have to do this for a long time but it is the best moneymaker that I know of it's just very tedious so you're sawing that last issue we didn't get anything let's keep looking nothing this one some people are just greedy they don't want to share stuff so we'll go begging in the next city I don't know how long it's been so there's nothing here let's go back to our city and see how much time we have left on the wood the animations are a little bit annoying they slow you down.

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so we've got 43 seconds while that's finishing let's sell this stuff we got some the toothpaste look at that it's worth 880 will sell bad this thing I got earlier I get rid of that the granite let's get rid of that I'm probably going to order this stuff the rock bands but I just kind of make up their names now if you get a big hole like that he actually eats up some of your spaces now I feel like it is worth spending the what do they call these a sim cash to buy extra slots on here so that you can get coins fast over it's up to you ever you want to do that so I would should be finished soon another thing you want to do is watch out for these things you click most of these if you it doesn't work for the bad ones when they're complaining but when they say something good if you click it you can actually get free stuff given to you but all my sims are angry right now so I don't have any good messages so let's click all our would and then all we're going to do is put it on the market and start selling it now you want to increase the price increase the number to five because you can only put five in every box and we're just going to absolutely flood the market with wood and your luck will depend on the time of day sometimes it's much more busy on the global market than other times and what you want to do is when you're on your last box

you're going to do that advertised you don't do on the first one because you want people to come shore or do the coolest trade depo and impire your other stuff while they're there so don't advertise until you've already loaded up your shop now I'm going to put this one on and I'm also going to get rid of those pills that we got given earlier and there you go we'll just leave that to sell and we'll start our next batch in fact I probably should have started the next batch going while I was or before I started selling those last ones but there you go lesson learnt next time and then what we do is start off going begging again and before

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