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this drink nine dollars which is just crazy because majority of it is milk in this video i'm gonna be showing you how you can get free starbucks so keep watching this video if you like starbucks and if you want to get it for free for the rest of your life okay all right so let's jump into it let me just firstly explain to you how to get set up with starbucks in a brief overview okay so first of all you want to get the starbucks credit card rewards program you want to sign up for that and then you want to put all of your spending your monthly spending for anything that takes credit cards you want to put that on your starbucks rewards card so that you can build up all of the stars okay because this drink is insanely expensive and you sh and so so this thing the value of this thing was like nine dollars right because it's a vein t because i added in a bunch of extra shots but it was the same amount of actual stars so whether the drink is four dollars or the drink is ten dollars you're still going to pay 150 stars so that's why you need to be spending your stars to buy starbucks instead of your cash to buy starbucks okay so let's first kick things off uh with with showing you why you should set up a starbucks credit card rewards and then i'm gonna be giving you some starbucks hacks on how to actually get the most value from your rewards how to actually get the most coffee in your cup and be able to really maximize the amount of freebies that you're getting from starbucks okay as you can see here .

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let me just show you that i'm not lying all right so this is my star balance right here as you can see 6700 6700 stars um it actually was just like 7 600 or something earlier today but i just went and i bought like four starbucks today so each one is 150 so that's like minus 600 stars so um anyway that is my star balance right here every month it kind of goes up and down between um 5 000 to 8 000 it kind of just waves um as i use it and as i spend on the credit card and everything so um the credit card is definitely what you want to get let me show you just the terms of the credit card so right here they are um promoting and advertising a 4 500 bonus star when you sign up after you spend 500 in the first three months now the reason why i didn't get this for the longest time was because i thought that you had to spend 500 on starbucks and that's not the case you can spend 500 on your health insurance on your auto insurance on your groceries like it doesn't matter just put 500 on that card so if you're the type of person that just spends everything with your debit card you need to stop doing that because there are a ton of freebies that you can be getting like starbucks or like just cash back by putting everything.

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through a credit card and then just paying your credit card off monthly now that is the key pay your credit card off monthly because you do not want to be racking up interest and paying interest so you get definitely going to have some self-control to be able to stay within your regular income and spending such you can pay it off monthly but as you can see here you can get 4 500 stars now when i signed up for my credit card they were doing like a promotion where it was 6 500 stars i don't know where i found that if i just kind of tripped upon it i was actually just messing around in the starbucks app one day and i found the two offers one was for 6500 one was for 4500 so you can do some deep digging in the starbucks app and maybe find that 6500 um sign up anyway the really cool thing is you get 4 500 stars okay then when you add your new nifty credit uh credit card to your actual starbucks app and you just load like five bucks onto the app they're gonna give you an extra 300 stars that's already two free drinks right there and then you're gonna get another free drink when your birthday comes around so you wanna make sure that your birthday information is in your app in your credit card you know that starbucks knows your birthday because then you're gonna get another free drink when your birthday comes around so let me show you the actual .

  1. breakdown of how it goes when you spend the money on the card how many stars that equals so you can earn three stars if you actually spend that money at a starbucks store now you're not going to really be doing this i personally don't do this at all because i'm constantly just buying starbucks with stars which is always what i recommend you can earn on the go you can earn one star for every two dollars spent on everyday purchases so that's like grocery stores local transit internet cable phone service so if you have a cable bill if you have an internet bill put that on the credit card and put it on this credit card this starbucks rewards credit card earn everywhere else so i run an internet marketing agency and so for the clients that i actually put my own credit card on their ad account i'm now putting this starbucks rewards card on their google ads account or on the facebook ads account and all of our ad spend is going on there so this is spending thousands of dollars per month so i'm getting one star for every four dollars that we spend so basically if you spend a thousand dollars you're going to get 250 stars per month with this so this is going to really depend on your monthly spending.

  2. now i would not recommend changing your monthly spending just because you're going to be getting these rewards but you're going to be benefiting a lot more because i don't know my monthly spending let's just say it's like 8 000 a month um nine thousand i don't really know um but if i put all of that money through let's just say it's eight thousand for easy math eight thousand per month then a quarter of that let's just say if it's you know it falls within this category uh wednesday so a quarter of that is going to be 2 000 stars per month that i'll be getting so it really does rack up plus you got extra perks like a free barista picks um eight times a year and which i just found this out looking through their terms looking through here you can get free refills on a regular starbucks coffee let me show you right here i didn't even know this which is something i may end up doing so it's like um to get a regular coffee just like straight up drip coffee which actually tastes pretty good still um the stars are like it's like 50 stars brewed hot coffee okay so what you can do is you can get a brewed hot coffee for 50 stars then if you're lingering around the actual starbucks location let me see where is that refill thing that i saw you can get a there it is free refills on hot or iced brewed coffee and tea so if you're lingering around the store 50 stars gets you a free coffee and you can get any size so always get the veinti if you're.

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