Geometry Dash Hacks & Cheats – Free Diamonds and Coins

Gaming is fun, but it is the best way to keep ourselves busy during our free time. It jogs your memory and helps you learn to concentrate and think fast, depending on the game you are playing. In this article, we are going to look at all the facts about the Geometry Dash game as well as the Geometry Dash Hack.

What is a Geometry Dash Game?

This is a series of games as it has a total of five different video games. The game was developed by Robert Topala, who is based in Sweden. Robert is commonly referred to as RobTop while other people jokingly refer to him as RubRub. Robert has a company known as RobTop Games and is responsible for the development of Geometry Dash Game. His nickname has been developed from the name of his company as it is widely known by people who are close to him.

Although Robert Topala has developed many games, Geometry Dash is the main game. The game features 21 official levels currently, while the creation system level has 60 million and over online levels made by their players. This game has received so much support from the fans because it allows them to experiment with their creativity. Many online developers have not had another platform giving them such an opportunity as they have received from Geometry Dash.

Every official level of this game features a piece of unique background music to entertain the players. The game also has other unique features that include daily and weekly selection of custom levels. You will also get user-generated content like custom levels, customizable player icons, online leaderboards, and multiple game modes. The user-developed levels are exciting as they have been developed by a gamer for his fellow gamers. To process well and easily in this game, you will need the use of Geometry Dash Hack.

Geometry Dash Secrets

We all have secrets, and some of these secrets are what we call surprise for our loved ones. These secrets might be of great impact in other people’s lives while many try to get closer to us to understand us more. This is the same theory that Geometry Dash Game developers have based their argument on.

Geometry Dash game developers understand the curiosity of men. Therefore, as a way of attracting their attention, they came up with several secrets. As you will realize, these secrets need a lot of keys to access them. Although you can manually be able to get these keys, using the Geometry Dash Hack generator would make things much easier.

The gamers are expected to complete certain tasks for them to be able to unlock every secret. Some of these secrets include

1. Chamber of Time

Geometry Dash has introduced several secret features, the first ones being vault and vault of secrets. However, I want us to focus our attention on a newly introduced secret feature, which is “Chamber of Time.” This feature was released after the release of 2.1 updates.

The entry of Chamber of Time is through a door that is located at the center by the ground next to what is known as the “Coming Soon” screen. The screen is in the mail level slider. However, this door will remain hidden until the time you will get to the basement and click the orange lock. The door’s location is hidden, and it has to be discovered physically.

The opening of “Chamber of Time” is a series of activities and needs a lot of patience. This is because getting to it will need you to go through several discoveries before you get to the main door. Once you get to the door, it will still be locked, and to open it, you need to go to the secret shop and purchase the Master of Emblem. Once you purchase the Master of Emblem, the door will be opened, and you will be able to access it.

Once you get to the Chamber of Time, you will find a feline ring-handle button and a text field above the button. This is identified as the “Gatekeeper”. Once you press the button, you will receive a response that will be according to what you had entered in the text field.

If you are looking forward to unlocking the icon kit and other related achievements, you will have to enter specific phrases. On the lower right corner, you will find a chest that contains an orange key. The orange key is for unlocking the orange lock that is located in the Basement.

2. Basement

Vault of Secrets is located in the lower right corner, and next to it, there is a door that gives you access to the Basement. This door requests the completion of the secret level identified as The Challenge. This is another feature that you will find in both the Geometry Dash as well as the Geometry Dash World.

In the Basement, you will find a locked cell. On the left side, there is a torch, while a skull and a chain are found on the foreground. At the same time, you will find a chest that contains a cube in the lower right corner. Selecting the back button during your first service will lead you to a pair of green eyes (glowing). The eyes will appear and will belong to an inside creature that is unnamed.

The unnamed creature is referred to as the Demon Guardian by the Keymaster. Before the appearance of a series of locks to the right, the Demon Guardian will exchange words with the gamer. Each lock you select will give you instructions on how to get the right key to open it. This triggers the associated location.

3. Treasure Room

The third secret available in the Geometry Dash game is the Treasure Room. Once you click the menu’s lower right side, you will get the door to the Treasure Room. To gain access to this door, you will need five keys. The Treasure Room has 17 screens, and each screen has 200 silver chests, and each has a special key to open it. Getting through all these locks without using a Geometry Dash Hack generator tool would be very challenging.

To access everything hidden in these chests, you will need a total of 200 keys. There are different rewards in every chest you open. In ten of these chests, you will find Icon Kit rewards, while the rest have random rewards. Accessing everything in the treasure room is a series of activities. This is because, apart from the 200 keys mentioned above, you will need more to advance in the game.

There are different other 48 gold chests in 4 of the 190 chests with random rewards. Each of these 48 gold chests requires 5 keys to open each chest. The total is around 240 keys to be able to access these chests. At the end of it all, you will need a total of 440 keys.

Why Do We Need a Geometry Dash Hack Tool?

Apart from the above-named keys that are needed to make progress in this game, there are several other collectibles. Some of these include; secret coins, Mana orbs, Stars, User Coins, Shards, Diamonds, and Demon Levels.

Getting all these collectibles demands the player to work hard to achieve all these and rise in levels. This might prove to be very challenging if you are not the patient kind. Therefore, the Geometry Dash Hack tool would be the best option for you as it will win you all these collectibles in a few clicks.

The Working Process Of Our Geometry Dash Hack Tool

Our hack generator tool works straightforwardly. All you need to do is to follow the procedure given below carefully, and you will be done.

· Log-in to the system using your gaming email.

· Key-in the right password and username if need be.

· Select the number of Mana orbs needed.

· Click generate.


The generation of these valuables usually takes less than a minute. However, since this is a tool and not a manual process, it might take even five minutes or more once in a while. Therefore, it is essential to be patient and wait until the whole process is over, and it indicates “Complete.”


The higher the level you are in any game, the more challenging it gets, and the more fun it is. Therefore, every gamer always has the dream to raise the levels the most natural way possible. This might, however, not be as easy as it sounds. This is the reason why players are always in search of a powerful Geometry Dash Hack generator.

Although getting one is not easy, the good news is, it is possible. All you need is to be patient and take your time to try the hack tools presented to you. You, however, need to be very careful with downloading apps into your device, claiming to be a Geometry Dash Hack Tool. The best hack tools work online and don’t require to be downloaded into your device. This might be a virus or a trap.