Hotmail Login: Account

Hotmail Login: Microsoft launched Hotmail in 2012 as one of the first webmail software out there. The popular service is now known as outlook. not just offers webmail but, keeps track of your contacts, tasks and calendaring.

What is

An all in one tool to organize your work and give a platform to communicate. Hotmail is ideal for small or larger business, students and independent users looking to connect via the inter web.

Now over 360 million users all over the world use webmail service to make their day to day tasks more manageable.

Hotmail features a quick and easy to use user interface that makes using the app a breeze for any age group. In addition to this Hotmail introduced features like drafting and spam folders that made it even easier to categorize emails and plan ahead of time.

These new features boosted the popularity of, and its use became even common. People could mark tasks on calendars and organize their workload using the app. Furthermore, the app also had the functions to connect to other popular apps that help you combine the data of different apps. These apps include Skype, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

You can use to connect to people all around the globe as the service is also offered in 106 languages. This feature makes it a more significant addition to integrated businesses. Here we summarize some of the popular features of Hotmail that you can make use of;

  • Two different focused and another Hotmail email box that separates your essential emails from regulars’ ones

  • Different inboxes to categories sent, spam and drafted emails

  • Calendar syncing that marks important meetings and invitations on your calendar for a reminder!

  • Can unsubscribe and opt out of any promotional Hotmail email with an additional option to block spammer accounts.

  • Has a separate option for Archives and conversation threads

  • Can attach different file formats ranging from PDF to word files and you can also attach images and links as well!

Create Account

All these features are quite intriguing and would make anyone want to start operating their Hotmail ID and start connecting to people all around the globe. Here are steps that allow you to sign up for your own account.

While the Hotmail domain cannot be created anymore, users can generate outlook IDs now that provide with the same experience popular with users. You will need your laptop to create your Outlook IDs as this feature is not yet available with the Outlook Mobile app.

First of all, start with opening up your password and search in “Hotmail account sign up“, click on the first link that shows up.

Step 1– once you have opened the Hotmail homepage, look towards the top right-hand corner. You will see the “Create Account” button. Click on it.

Step 2 – Next, enter the email you wish to create. This email can be your name or perhaps a company that you hope to make the email for. You might have to do this multiple time as not all email usernames are available. Make a combination of letter and numbers both but try not to make it too complex either.

Step 3– Once your email is approved, enter your new password right below it. This password should consist of 8 characters. Make sure your password is a strong one. A strong password can be made by adding numerical or perhaps capitalization in your password.

Step 4– Then Hotmail will ask you to verify and select your region. You can put in whatever country you belong to. Right below it confirms your date of birth as well.

Step 5– Its time for security verification. Enter your phone number, and you will receive a security code on your given number, which you re-enter in the space below to verify your account!

After everything, the Microsoft systems make sure you are a human operating the system and gives you a small captcha verification test. Reenter the captcha exactly how it shows up on your screen to get verified.

Step 6– You are almost done! Just set up some basic functions for your account. The utmost importance is to set up your language!

Step 7– Lastly, you can select a theme for your outlook! Given the choice of pinks, purples, blues and much more! In addition to this, you can also choose to add a signature at the end of your emails, which you can set up right here.

Hotmail Login Process for

There you are now done, and your ID is fully functional. You can start using it where ever and whenever! Now, what can you do to login to your account later when you want to use it? Follow these steps to know how to log in to your hotmail account.

It is essential to remember both your email ID and password to log in from different devices at different times. You can note them both down on your mobile device or a journal perhaps until you have memorized it on your own.

It is super easy to log in from any device once your ID has been created, you can do so with following these simple steps

Step 1 – In your browser’s web search type in

Step 2 – The page will display a button that says “Hotmail Sign in” start by clicking on it.

Step 3 – You will be redirected to the sign in page where you enter the same ID and password you created.

If using google chrome, you also have the option of saving your password or clicking on “Remember me” so its known your Hotmail login information for next time and you don’t have to reenter it each time you open your emails.

You can log in to your email ID through multiple platforms nowadays. Hotmail offers a mobile app for mobile users that very efficiently displays multiple inboxes, shows attachments and can help you directly draft an email from your phone.

In addition to web browsing, you can also download the application on your laptops via the windows store. The app is quick and efficient, instead of opening up the browser each time you can directly access it as you open your PC.

In addition to this the mobile and Laptop app sync in with your calendars and mark an important event that comes through your emails. It also includes a feature that notifies the user whenever there is a new email in your inbox or perhaps an upcoming reminder is displayed on the screen!

Login to your Account using Android Device

The Hotmail login email service is also provided to its users via a mobile device. Hotmail has an application service for Android users as well. You can access all the features you would otherwise access on Hotmail via your browser.

Signed up? Check out these Basic Settings

Open up the google play store and type in Outlook in the search bar. The first result displayed by the store is the app you need to download and install on your device. Once that is done, you can open up the device and start the process.

Enter your login details that is your Email ID and the password you have kept for the ID. You also have the option of setting up your Hotmail ID with the internal built-in android application. The built-in email app is also compatible with your Hotmail login ID.

You also have the option of entering your log in details there. Both methods allow you to use multiple Hotmail accounts at the same time. You can follow these simple steps to set up and sync in your ID with your internal android app

Step 1 – Outlook automatically detects your google account. Tap on Google connects account. Then you will get the option to confirm. Confirm your decision by clicking on OK. After you have clicked OK, click on Allow to make sure Outlook can access your contacts. This will help you connect Outlook to the other contacts on your phone.

Step 2 – After you have given Outlook access to the contacts on your phone, choose the accounts that you want to add by clicking Add Account. You might have to sign in to your hotmail account again. After this, you will be given various prompts. These prompts have to do with Offline access etc. You must choose whether you want to have the option of using your hotmail account even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Step 3 – After you have added your hotmail accounts, you must enter your hotmail login email address. It is essential to write your complete email address in the space provided to you. After you are done with this, you have to click on the Continue button. This will take you to another page where you will have to enter your password for your account. After making sure you have written your complete email address and correct password, press the Sign In or Next button.

Step 4 – After you have successfully logged in with your hotmail sign in details, verify your identity. This is an important thing since it eliminates possible security concerns you might face in the future. You will receive a code on your cellphone, after entering this code into the provided space you can verify your hotmail account.

Then you will have your ID in sync with your internal app. Furthermore, Students and integrated business can use the Office 365 Application for outlook as well. The app is easy to use, and you can send and receive emails no matter where you are and for free!

You can use the apps to operate multiple IDs at the same time which is not possible via a browser. This keeps both your hotmail accounts separated and in sync.

This guide has most complete guidance about Hotmail login process on any device. If you still need any help regarding, feel free to comment below.

Now you can easily access your account as you wish. Happy emailing!