How To Get Free V-Bucks: The Easiest Method Ever

There are several ways to obtain VBucks. You can get it by: doing Daily Quests (just in „ Save the World" Gamer versus Enemy mode), earning the money from Daily Incentives, finishing Tornado Guard Protection goals, progressing through „ Save the World" Gamer versus Adversary setting, doing objectives that can occasionally provide you a percentage of money as a boost (until you reach your cap), buying it from the authorities as well as non-official online shops, making it via the Seasonal Fight Passes and more.

How to Get Free V Bucks 2021

1. Read all the options, the minimap, the "Challenges" tab, and finally the most interesting part - the "I'm Feeling Lucky" tab. 2. Each option is linked to a "challenge". Once you've confirmed that you're brave enough to follow all the rules, you can dive into the action. Don't be afraid to keep checking and add a few extensions to your time limit. As you get closer to the goal you should get nervous, and sweat at the tips of your ears, but when you've reached the end it will feel like a rather nice achievement. 3. You are required to do five Daily Challenges per week, and it’s important to complete them all - it may take more time, but it will be worth it. By adding a few extensions your time limit will automatically increase and you’ll get as much money as possible. 4.

What are they?

Completing Daily Quests in „Save the World" Gamer versus Enemy mode earns players V-Bucks. There are four types of rewards: Elite, Epic, Legendary and Common. Elite is the highest level reward and it requires completing a particularly difficult task. Epic rewards are given on the second occasion they are acquired. Common rewards are given on the third and fourth times they are earned. Players can obtain up to 1000 V-Bucks a day. If players spend their V-Bucks and don't get anything, they can earn them back after a certain time by resetting their account. Daily Incentives is a rare way to get V-Bucks. It only works in the specific mode "Save the World" Gamer versus Enemy.

Take part in V-Bucks giveaways

Although free V-Bucks can be obtained in various ways and in several places, we have compiled a complete list of the best giveaways that everyone can participate in. It’s important that you only participate in these kind of offers that are officially part of the game. We recommend using the Google Play Store to take part in giveaways, the Google Play Store doesn’t slow down or have any other issues related to the game. A smartphone (or tablet) is the only computer you will be using for the online game. Other ways of obtaining free V-Bucks include: 1.

Take advantage of daily quests

Now that you know a bit more about what can be done to get V-Bucks, it's time to check out your potential earning methods. Daily Quests " Save the World " Gamer versus Enemy mode is one of the best ways to get free V-Bucks. The simple thing is that you need to complete daily quests every day in order to be rewarded with 5,000 or 5,500 V-Bucks. The interesting thing is that you can get the rewards any day during a week, not just on the game launch. There are nine daily quests to be completed each day. In order to complete the quests, you need to only be present in „Save the World" Gamer versus Enemy mode. If you're not there, you need to be selected to play it, so be careful not to accidentally miss a quest. There are different goals that can provide you with V-Bucks.

Complete Battle Pass challenges

If you complete all the 50+ daily quests (and should) and finish all the endgame challenges and then you are the last man standing with the complete Battle Pass and all its achievements, you should get 400 V-Bucks for free. Seasonal Fight Passes are available from 14th September to 10th December, and offer additional V-Bucks. They are bought with real money. In fact, you get 9 000 V-Bucks for subscribing, and if you complete all the challenges for the entire season you get 400 V-Bucks.

The benefits of V-Bucks

Here are some of the important features of V-Bucks: Can be used to buy a number of different items and upgrades, like cosmetics, emotes and weapons, or free to unlock cosmetics from the store. Free to unlock cosmetics from the store. Can be used to purchase loot boxes from Loot Chest. Can be used for a number of different things, like crafting or upgrading existing items. Can be used for bots and vehicles. Can be used to purchase the Champion's Pass and complete further rewards. Can be used to purchase Seasonal Fight Passes. Can be used to purchase Attack Tuning and play the new playlist. The above are all pretty standard ways to obtain V-Bucks. One other way is to visit your friends’ house to obtain it and use it to invite friends to your Battle Royale game.

Where to find V-Bucks

Most of these methods require the use of V-Bucks, which are distributed on a regular basis through several methods. You can get your hands on a lot of V-Bucks through the market and (especially) through loot boxes. Different types of „Free V-Bucks" are given out in loot boxes; you can also get them in missions and, to a lesser extent, through Daily Incentives. The randomness of getting Loot Boxes with varying amounts of V-Bucks is a real headache, especially in Clash Royale. However, there is still a simple method that works: using the store. All you have to do is to click on the „Overwatch" icon on the left side of the interface. You will get the following option: „Buy Overwatch".


If you're a "Fortnite Battle Royale" player, you have to make sure that you know the V-Bucks available right now, how to get them and how much they cost. Even though, the most important thing is that you can access them without any problems, so you can start to make the most of your game!

Get free V-Bucks (via Epic Games) Everyone that owns the full version of the game will have an option to purchase a 10-day Ticket for about 3.50 USD. After this, all items acquired in this time will be yours for free. Also, most people will receive the Battle Pass, a cosmetic tool that unlocks new cosmetic content. This should give you another 30 days' worth of V-Bucks (unless you already have completed all the content in the Battle Pass, in which case you will get some of the missing coins as a bonus). Enjoy the new Year-long event – here’s what to expect! Update: There are 4 different tiers to choose from, with various amount of new cosmetic items to unlock.