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hey what's up guys today i'm going to show you how you can get free steam gift card codes on pc iphone ipad or any device that you might have so let without so without further ado let's get started so before we get into the bulk of it i just want to say a few things first of all this video is not sponsored by freeskins.com and second of all you do need to be 13 years old at least to use this website so just getting that out of the way i'm going to show you how to do all that right now so a while ago i found out this site called freeskins.com from another youtuber i watch sometimes it's actually a super cool website where you can redeem steam gift cards fortnite v bucks gift cards and even amazon gift cards and there are even more gift cards than that there are a lot of gift cards you can redeem with this site so we're just gonna hop on and i'm gonna show you how to do it so we're on google right now we're gonna type in freeskins.com you can see i've already i already go to this website a lot.

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so it's already actually autofilling it for me but we're just going to go to freeskins.com we don't need slash urn so the website is actually super nice it's got a really nice ui and design and it's super user friendly not sponsored by the way free skins if you want to sponsor me though that'd be that'd be pretty cool so as you can see we're on free skins right now we're already logged into my account as you can see up here hi 92 so basically all you're actually going to need to do is i don't really know how to log out so i can't really show you this process but uh you can basically just log in with your google account or you can also log in through steam and a few other different ways so uh after you're done logging in all you're gonna want to do is go to one of these offer walls any offer wall will be fine although some may have better offers than others at different points in time so basically all of them are pretty good right now add gate media has a 25 bonus right now so we can click on that and you know you can just find an offer for instance this one is super easy and you get around 50 cents for it right now anyway all you got to do is tap on search on the app store search for jackpot and install this app.

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right here so basically these are actually all really simple and they can be pretty high paying some of them up to even 30 dollars which is a lot just for like playing video games basically so you can just click something like this get mobile short link you'll scan this using an iqr code app or your camera app so you can scan that and basically once you scan that you can just follow the instructions boom super easy an offer i would highly suggest trying out when you first start off is go to ad gym scroll all the way down until you see coin master now this one works for both ios and android and all you gotta do is complete village level three and you'll get all around seven dollars and so to give you a little bit of context with the coins uh the way the conversion works is a thousand coins is worth one us dollar so that's basically how that works and you can already start earning coins to redeem on steam gift cards if you do for instance want to start redeeming on a steam gift card you can push the draw button and as you can actually see steam isn't the only option although this is the one we're looking at right now so as you can see on steam you can withdraw a minimum of six dollars which is super good because that coin masters offer already gives you almost seven dollars so you can already withdraw a six dollar steam gift card you can also withdraw.

  • a fortnight v bucks starting with a thousand v bucks for ten dollars which also by the way in case you're running ten dollars isn't too hard to get to so that's around that's ten thousand coins amazon gift cards starting at five dollars and these are all pretty good so yeah you can even do straight to paypal or straight to your bitcoin which is amazing this side is super good for anybody who wanted to get steam gift cards or cs go skins or anything like that as you can see i've actually already completed 71 offers i haven't been using this site for you know super super long and i have already earned a total of 32 dollars this is really awesome and also their customer support is also super awesome.

  • so if you have any problems on this site their support will be super happy to help you out anyway guys i know that was a pretty short video but thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe i really hope this helped you if you want to get you know steam gift cards pretty quickly or maybe you're around my age and you just want to you know earn a few bucks towards you know an amazon item i also forgot to mention this if you are interested in signing up to free skins please use my referral link it's going to be down in the description and the comments i would really appreciate it but i hope this helped you and i'll see you in the next video [Music] you